Capital Campaign

The Hellenic Women’s Benevolent Association (HWBA) has initiated a Capital Campaign to bring the Hellenic Nursing and Rehabilitation Center to the next level of nursing home care and rehabilitation.  This will be The Hellenic’s first capital fundraising effort in over 20 years and will seek to raise $5 million of the total $8.5 million cost of the project.

The start of the Campaign comes when the HWBA’s commitment to compassionate, quality care of the community’s elderly population has never been stronger. We trust that your commitment is just as strong.  We hope you will support us with a Campaign gift, which will demonstrate your belief in our mission and to the future of the Hellenic Home.

Read more about the Campaign in our newletter: New_Hellenic_News_Vol1.No2_web

Funding Areas

The time has now come to build on that commitment by renovating and improving The Hellenic.  A plan to make needed facility improvements has been developed by the HWBA with great thought and care over several years.

The project will be executed in several stages, with a goal to minimize the inconvenience of renovations on our patients, residents and staff. Once complete, The Hellenic will more fully provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for all who visit, live and work in our Home.

Campaign gifts will help us to address these important areas:

  • Essential infrastructure needs
  • Code compliance requirements
  • Building improvements
  • …and more.

The passage of time, regulatory changes and improvements in patient care practices requires even the best healthcare organizations to make upgrades, replacements and alterations in its physical plant.  The Hellenic is preparing to do just that.

Making a Gift is Easy

A long tradition of philanthropy has made the Home a wonderful community resource. Without the work of the intrepid women who founded it, and the thousands of donors whose gifts have funded and sustained it, The Hellenic would not exist today. The HWBA’s careful management only suffices to maintain operations and fund modest capital expenses. For all significant renovations, new programs or expanded services, the HWBA must rely on the generosity of its donors and the community.

Making your gift today will bring us ever closer to our goal. You can make an outright gift or a pledge, payable over one, three or five years. You have the option of mailing your gift to our Development Office or making your gift online.
The Development Office is also available to answer any questions you may have about donating by calling (781) 828-7450.